Melinda Kitto

So this would be attempt number 37 at sitting down to write this bio. Every time I tried, my fingers would drum on the keyboard for a little while with my mind drawing a complete blank. I'd open up my facebook and scroll for a little bit, maybe answer an email or two, then wander off to put a load of washing on and double check that yes in fact there was STILL nothing in the fridge I wanted to eat, before sitting back down to drum my fingers on the keyboard for a little while longer. I was really struggling to find the words to describe who I am and what I'm all about. 

Then I realised, it's pretty simple

​I'm real...
I'm just like you!

I've just made a few little decisions along the way that have put me on a truly incredible path


  • I'm a Wife

  • I'm a Mum

  • I'm a Business Owner, Coach and Mentor

  • I'm useless in the kitchen but I'm awesome at busting out daggy dance moves

  • I love to laugh and I often snort when I get carried away

  • Some days I do a brilliant job of juggling all the balls I have up in the air. But some days, I drop a ball or two, and some days I'm barely coordinated enough to get many balls up in the air at all. 

  • I've got a heart that wants to do good and a mind that wants to stretch

  • And each day I simply try to do and be a little bit better than the day before. 

My passion is making pennies drop (both literally and figuratively). From my background as a sales, leadership and personal development Trainer, to my new role coaching and mentoring people to succeed in their home based businesses, there's nothing I love more than seeing that little light in people's eyes start with a flicker, then develop into a strong burning glow as they realise "hey I think I can do this".


I love connecting with new people - so if you're looking for something new, don't be shy, reach out and let's chat about how I built my own "at home" empire and how YOU can too. Or if I've made a few pennies drop for you through my Blog or YouTube Channel, it warms my heart to hear your feedback so drop me a line and say hello. 

Yours in Health, Wealth and Happiness
Melinda Kitto

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